Pair of Linen Waffle Face Towels - Grey 30x45 - Lagodie Product Photo
Linen Waffle Face Cloth on marble counter-Natural Taupe-Lagodie
Linen Waffle Face Towel - Pair
Linen Waffle Towel CloseUp - Grey - Lagodie Product Photo
Linen Waffle Face Cloth on marble counter-Grey-Lagodie
Linen Waffle Towel CloseUp - Natural Taupe - Lagodie Product Photo
Pair of Linen Waffle Face Towels - Natural Taupe 30x45 - Lagodie Product Photo

Linen Waffle Face Towel - Pair

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A pair of pure linen towels size 30x45 cm in honeycomb weave that exfoliate your face while cleaning or improves blood circulation while towelling off. We love linen towels for their functionality and feel - healthy, comforting and invigorating while quick to dry and mildew proof.

+ Linen fibers massage and improve blood circulation
+ Naturally antimicrobial - inherently healthy for clearer skin
+ Anti-fungal and quick to dry - no more mouldy towels
+ Long lasting, gets softer over time

Material: 100% Linen
+ Prewashed and pre-shrunk
+ High Quality European Flax
+ Oeko-tex Certified Linen
Read more about The benefits of linen.

Our non dyed Natural towels tend to be a bit thicker and coarser than the Grey ones. For more exfoliation Natural fits best, while Grey ones tend to dry a little quicker.

Easy Care: Machine washable. 
Read our Care Guide to learn more.
The natural nature of our waffle weave towels makes them breathable and lively - they stretch a bit with use and shrink back after washing.

Handmade with care in Slovenia.


"The sheet stays in place and the material is as advertised very comfortable to sleep under. I don't need to iron the linen bedding but it still looks great and casual. It is really easy care."


"Fine fabrics. Good product.

I respect your nature orientation."


"The fact that is made from High Quality European Flax which is Oeko-tex Certified means a lot. For me it is important to know that it hadn't been created with toxic dyes and it is enviromentaly frendly."