Linen CARE GUIDE: How to wash, dry, and care for linen products

If you have never owned linen products before then you might have some questions about their care. Luckily, linen is a durable textile that has been used by humans for 10,000 years, long before the invention of washing machines or irons. Use this linen care guide to extend the life of your favorite Lagódie products. Lagódie Care Label

How to wash linen

Before washing linen sheets, separate your bright and dark laundry, ideally wash your linens on their own. Set the washing cycle on cool or warm setting, up to 40°C. Use mild detergents - generally a little less than the recommended dose is the perfect amount. Forgo the fabric softener - use a dash of white vinegar instead. For the freshest smell promptly remove linen from the washer as soon as the cycle is finished.

If choosing to hand wash your linens, be sure not to twist or squeeze the fabric. Gently massage the linen with your hands with cool water and mild detergent. Rinse until water is soap-free.

How to dry linen

Nothing beats the fresh and sunny feel of linens naturally dried outdoors. Since that is often not an option, line drying indoors is the next best thing. If in a rush tumble dry them on a low setting and take them out of the dryer while still a little damp (usually the iron setting). Line dry them until dry completely if storing them or make your bed straight away for the fabric to straighten out to achieve the perfect linen texture.


If you discover pills when washing your garments, there is no need to worry. Shedding is a natural occurrence in the life cycle of linen. The beauty of natural linen is how much softer and smoother it gets over time. Strong linen fibres break and give in, resulting in shedding and extra lint in your washing machine filter after the first few washes. This is completely normal, but if you would like to speed up the shedding process, wash and dry the sheets various times - the abrasion makes lint come off faster.

Our waffle towels and blankets are woven looser than our bed and kitchen textiles, thus shed a bit more in the beginning.

Will my linen products shrink?

No. Lagódie products are all prewashed taking care of any possible shrinkage.

How to iron linen

Linen fabric has a wonderful natural texture that gives an authentic elegance to the ambient. We always forgo ironing, but if you would still like to have a more sharp look in your bedroom, iron on low setting while still damp.

Can linen be steamed?

Linen can be steamed to loosen up any wrinkles. Simply hang your Lagódie product, dampen it with a spray bottle of water, and follow your steamer's settings for linen.

Is the linen softened?

All Lagódie bed and kitchen linens are softened and will not need any further treatment. Our towels come in two versions: softened or in their natural state with a rougher texture.

Why don't linen sheets have a thread count?

Linen is not measured by thread count, but rather by grams per square meter or GSM. This is due to the fact that linen is twice as thick as cotton, and thus would have less thread count per square meter.

The smaller the GSM, the lighter and softer the linen. The higher the GSM the thicker and more absorbent the product.

Lagódie bed linens fabrics range between 160 and 190 GSM, our kitchen linens between 210 and 260 GSM and our waffle towels around 360 GSM.

What to avoid:

  • Do not use bleach, fabric softeners or harsh detergents as they weaken the fibers,
  • Store linens completely dry and forgo any plastic wrapping - allowing air to circulate through the fabric keeps your linens fresh,
  • Wash clothing items with zippers, hooks and similar separately from linen to avoid abrasion,
  • Use your beauty products a while before slipping to bed, so the products absorb into your skin and not into your bedding - for better results with your skin care and less stains on your bedding,
  • Test new coloured items before washing together with your light bedding  (we happen to have a red intruder once) - unless you are looking for a light pink hue to your new white linen sheet;)